Trainers Tracy & Carrie

Trainers at public announcement for Vessel the water detection dog.

Vessels Demonstration

Check out this great video! Here is Vessel being introduced to the public and putting a demonstration showing her leak detection abilities.

Vessel Water Leak Detection Dog

 Vessel the TV Star!

Vessel in Paws in Prison Program

This video of Vessel getting her obedience training in the Paws in Prison program at the Randall L Williams men's unit in Pine Bluff, AR.

Vessl Working

Vessel alerting a water leak in the street

Vessel Working Easements

Vessel working and alerts on a leak!

Vessel At Breaktime

Here is Vessel the first in the nation water leak detection dog on her break from working at the Central Arkansas Water Company.

Vessel's Rescue

This is a video of Vessel's rescue when she was a pup. Rescued by Pitbulls and Parolees

Sneak Peek


 Civil + Structural Engineer Magazine interviewed my best friend Stephen Sullivan and former trainers Dogsamust Dog Training & Boarding a few weeks ago. Watch for the coming video and article. 📇
Here Stephen is talking about how we built our bond, but I was pretty attached to my trainers Tracy and Carrie, too!  

Vessel America's First Leak Detection Dog

  • Another great video from Civil + Structural Engineer magazine about Vessel.